The architecture of Haida Gwaii.

Architecture of storytelling.

The original post and beam.

80 kilometers off British Columbia’s west coast.

150 islands.

Discovered (not that long ago) in 1774 by an Español.

Here is a website where you can learn to speak Haida with audio playback.

náa is translated as house or one’s den or burrow.

The hierarchy/social rank of the villages (chief in the middle kind of rules) here.

Construction here and here.

Structural integrity of red cedar poles (D) and planks creates more permanent dwellings than their counterparts wigwam, tipi and igloo’s.

Layout diagrams show the 1950’s style lowered fire pit (B) around which dancing occurs (E) with a skylight for smoke (C) , much like that found in this clip from a Peter Seller movie.

The Canadian museum of civilization shows this photo taken in 1884 of the fire pit in Chief Wiah’s house. There are surrounding sleeping compartments and most of the furniture is from a captured ship.

These guys are longhouse contracting on Haida Gwaii:


Haida stone sledgehammer (splitting wood):

Using an adze (cutting out material):

Effect of using an adze, would make an incredible facade:


Craftsmanship: acknowledged.

Making a dugout canoe here and here.

Canoe types (number 5 is Haida):

Food: the center of a house.

Foodie interests of the Haida people found in this video. Giant kelp as an alternative to lasagna of North Pacific Kelp products. Sea asparagus and, of course, huckleberries and crab.

Haida manga is storytelling Haida comic/cartoon (circa 2001).  Would make a great carving/graffiti on the entrance of a “new” longhouse.

Becomes this:

Rainbows gallery, however, has enough carvings for many longhouses to come:

Here is a 1995 try at reinterpreting the Haida use of cedar and gabled roof by Acton Ostry architects.  The tyee critiques it in 2009 here.

Issues of Enbridge pipe line here, Haida Gwaii observer here, and a Haida rap video called pipedream posted by David Suzuki here.

Saturday’s earthquake here.

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One thought on “The architecture of Haida Gwaii.

  1. Hi Danielle, Really enjoyed this page!

    I am helping to rebuild a longhouse on Haida Gwaii destroyed by fire. Check out my blog for the progress:

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